Intro - Miguel´s spark

Miguel´s spark
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My video spark is here. But first check out my video. If you feel like it, leave a comment.


Verdi said...

That IS the cool thing about videoblogs!!! That's what keeps me going.n

schlomo rabinowitz said...

Great idea for a videoblog!

Also it was great meeting you in Milan-- hopefully our paths cross again in real life.

Bicyclemark said...

count me in. Ill send an entry as soon as possible.fo

Chuck said...

great idea Miguel, and nice to see/hear you!

joshpaul said...

Hi Miguel,

Well, I don't have the time to make a video for you to respond, but you can see the result of my inspiration...

A video that inspired me to action was Verdi's Experiment 2. After watching it, I wanted to comment back to him, but how?

So, I went off an experimented a little, and came up with a video commenting tool. You can see a demo on my blog here.

I look forward to reading, seeing, and hearing more from you.