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Hypnotic. I almost felt dizzy looking for familiar faces. Very cool idea sparked by Josh Leo here. Both videos are great fun to watch.

Lan Bui is here.

Josh Paul

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Here we go, a fine example of a video triggering someone into action. Josh wrote this:

"Hi Miguel, Well, I don't have the time to make a video for you to respond, but you can see the result of my inspiration... A video that inspired me to action was Verdi's Experiment 2. After watching it, I wanted to comment back to him, but how? So, I went off an experimented a little, and came up with a video commenting tool. You can see a demo on my blog here. I look forward to reading, seeing, and hearing more from you."

It can be as simple as this, need pushes you into action.

Also, the cool thing about starting vlogspark is that I get to see very good videos and ideas that otherwise I would not. Stay tuned.

Josh Paul is here.


Intro - Miguel´s spark

Miguel´s spark
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My video spark is here. But first check out my video. If you feel like it, leave a comment.